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The Adverse Effect

May 25, 2021

"You are the CEO of your health and life...” 

- - Keyonna Renea, Photographer, Patient/Wellness Advocate on a Mission


The Conversation: Fighting for Your Health….Despite the System


Keyonna Renea knew something wasn’t right with her body, yet physician after physician ignored her.


They assumed she was too young or just ignored her.


Years later, Keyonna Renea was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.


That 9-year long journey between a doctor’s visit and a diagnosis transformed Keyonna from a patient into a patient advocate. Going through the maze of healthcare, Keyonna learned how to navigate the healthcare system. She learned how to talk to medical providers in a way to get results, what information to collect, and why you need to interview a physician to create a powerfully positive relationship that creates a healthier space for everyone.



  • How our environments change our personality
  • Growing up in a military family
  • Getting a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis...almost 10 years later
  • Living with multiple sclerosis
  • Struggles of chronic illness in the health care system
  • Barriers to getting care
  • The “Covid” 911 call that went horribly wrong
  • Dr. Moore...and the system
  • How to advocate for your own body 
  • Knowing how to tune into your body
  • Understanding your rights
  • Being the CEO of your health



Takeaways of the Conversation

  • Collect your data Doctors can make better decisions when you journal your health (It’s also good for you!)


  • Know your rights You have the right to get a second opinion and to make active and informed decisions about the care you receive


  • You are the CEO of your health You deserve it


The Homework: 

Keyonna talked about the importance of listening to your body, but we often find it hard to take the time to do this, so let’s get reacquainted with our bodies with 3 quick 5-minute exercises that you can do any time


  1. Body Thoughts: Look at yourself in a full-length mirror for at least 1 minute (Set a timer on a cell phone). As you look at yourself, listen to the thoughts that you are telling yourself about your body. Are they positive? Are they negative? Take 4 minutes to write down some of what you were thinking.
  2. Body Gratitude:  Go back to the full-length mirror, but this time take at least 2 minutes finding at least 3 things that you appreciate about your body. Write them on an index card and whenever you feel stressed today, take out that index card.
  3. Food Journal: Most of us don’t take the time to take the time to listen to our body and how it responds to the food we eat. For today, make an effort to write down the food you eat. You can use an app like MyFitnessPal or just write it down on a piece of paper. But….in addition to what you ate, write down a quick note about how you feel afterwards as well.


If you feel comfortable, share your victory on social media with the hashtag: #changeismynarrative .



About Our Guest:

Keyonna Renea is a photographer, body love coach, patient.and wellness advocate, and multiple sclerosis fighter who is using her life’s journey to help our world create a healthier, creative, and more loving world.


You can find her at or 





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