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The Adverse Effect

May 18, 2021

"I don’t think educators, as a collective, realize how much power we have….” 

- - Evalaurene Jean-Charles, Educator, Activist, Researcher, and Change Maker 


The Conversation: Is Our Society Learning to Fail….or Failing to Learn? 


As teacher and educational activist Evalaurene Jean-Charles. points out, teachers have to navigate a very complex and tricky world of politics, parents, and students. They have to follow the rules of politicians who have never stepped in a classroom, parents who want the best for their kids, and students who are developing in a complicated, globally connected world. 


How do you teach in an environment like this? 


Dream better. 


Dreaming and creating better solutions for Black students is what drives Evalaurene’s educational platform, Black on Black Education.  


Using conversations and resources created through conferences, podcasts, and more, Black on Black Education creates resources that educators can use to improve education for Black children. 


In this powerful episode that covers everything from how to teach kids about magma to virtual learning, Evalurene shares the struggles teachers face and the revolutionary power they can tap into to create a better life for all students. 


Tune in to join the mission that is re-imagine education into a powerful and revolutionary tool of learning 



  • Growing up as a Black student 
  • School-to-Prison Pipeline: Is America’s education really helping Black students? 
  • The confusing world of being a teacher in America 
  • The power of teachers to make an impact 
  • What Black on Black Education is doing to help educators help kids 
  • How teachers can tailor learning to reach more students 
  • Teaching during a pandemic 
  • Why are more teachers quitting? 
  • Creating a better education...with input from real teachers (and why that’s important) 
  • The difficulties of national educational reform 
  • How can parents advocate better for their kids? 
  • The power we all have to inspire a child’s life 



Takeaways of the Conversation 

  • Know the story Understand the world you live in 


  • Know your resources Know what resources are available to 


  • Know your power Know that any change for the better makes a shift to an even bigger and better situation 


The Homework:  

Evalaurene talked about the importance of changing the narrative when it comes to learning. We can apply that lesson to everything in our lives. 


Take a few minutes to think about a big obstacle or struggle you are currently having. Now give yourself 10 minutes to write it down, leave a voice memo, or record a video of you explaining your situation. 


Now put away what you wrote down or said for a day. 


Then go back and review it. Do you still feel the same way about the problem? Take just 5 minutes to brainstorm what you can do to change or fix your problem, even if it’s a small change. 


Commit to completing that small change within 7 days. 


If you feel comfortable, share your victory on social media with the hashtag: #changeismynarrative . 



About Our Guest: 

Evalaurene Jean-Charles is a special education teacher, researcher, podcaster, and community activist who founded Black on Black Education while in college. She focuses on having conversations and creating spaces and resources for the re-imagination of Black education. 


You can find her at 



Social Media Channels 









Black on Black Education Podcast 


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