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The Adverse Effect

Dec 31, 2020

Here, at The Adverse Effect, “Adversity made me” is one of our mantras. Time and time again we have listened to the stories of guests who have been deeply affected by adversity, and yet have gone on to do extraordinary things. Our guest on today’s episode is proof that how you begin your life is not how you have to end it. 

Born the youngest of 3 sons to a happily married couple, Ashley Tyrone Head should have had a normal, loving upbringing. But the tragic death of his mother, when he was just 2 weeks old, set off an unbelievable chain of events.  

Raised by a single father, all Ashely knew was the softness of a father’s love until the age of 7 when his father started to bring home new friends. Ashley learned that his beloved father had become addicted to crack and the new friends were local prostitutes and addicts. His family home had become a drug den. 

From this moment on his family life deteriorated. Ashley and his siblings were removed from their father’s care — but even that didn’t keep them from experiencing further turmoil. 

Throughout it all Ashley remained focused on his studies and was accepted to one of the most prestigious HSBU colleges in the country. With no financial support, he relied on financial aid, loans, the UNCF scholarship foundation, and the several jobs that he worked. 

Graduating with a degree in Chemistry he went on to obtain an MBA in Government contracts, acquisitions, and proposals. Ashley is now the Associate Director of Clinical Operations for a San Diego-based Oncology Biotech company. He is also the CEO of Curls Poppin’ hair products. 

Click now to hear how Ashely kept moving forward on The Adversity Effect. 

“The police came to get me and told me my dad had shot at my brother and he was going away for a long time.” — Ashley Tyrone Head 

“At Morehouse, it was so amazing to interact with these people and awe-inspiring. That's what gave me the inkling to be more than just the average person.” — Ashley Tyrone Head 

“Never give up until you have released your unused capacity for service and shared your gifts and your stories with others.” — Ashley Tyrone Head 

Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Sudden death 
  • Living with a drug-addicted parent 
  • Surviving foster care 
  • The Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Where Ashley is now  
  • What has kept him pushing forward  

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