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The Adverse Effect

Dec 22, 2020

Are you stuck in the following cycle? You can see where you want to be in life, but you just can’t figure out how to get there. If this is you, then you’re in for a treat.  

On this week’s episode of The Adverse Effect, we are delighted to welcome transformational author and speaker, Rachel S. Heslin.  

For 35 years, Rachel has immersed herself in the study of psychology and is on a mission to help people overcome their hurdles and achieve their goals. 

With her ability to figuratively hold a mirror up to her clients, she is able to shift the angle just enough so that, when they look, they see parts of themselves they didn’t know were already there. 

This episode is filled with tips on managing time, the importance of routine, surviving the breakdown of a relationship, and much more. 

Rachel is currently the author of two books: Navigating Life: 8 Different Strategies to Guide Your Way, and Rituals of Release: How to Make Room for Your New Life. Rituals of Release is the first book in her Handbooks for Healing series. Upcoming books in the series include Grieving the Lost Future: Reconciling What Is with What Should Have Been, and Permission to Go On: The Power of Self-Forgiveness. 

Her work through her company - The Fullness of Your Power - helps people embrace all parts of themselves so they can live deeper, richer, and more fulfilling lives. 

“I believe everybody has all of the resources that they need in order to live incredibly rich and deeply fulfilling lives. But they don’t recognize them.” — Rachel Heslin 

“Part of my goal is helping people learn how to trust themselves.” — Rachel Heslin 

Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • The power of explanation in childhood  
  • Routine and goal achievement 
  • Time management  
  • Releasing the past 
  • Creating rituals  

 Resources Mentioned: 

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