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The Adverse Effect

Dec 16, 2020

How do you know when to trust your gut?  

Well, on today's The Adverse Effect we talk to Emily Britton-Arnold who listened to her gut feeling, a feeling that may have saved her from a life-threatening event.  

Listen in as Emily shares insights into what it was like growing up with a drug-addicted mother. How she lived through her baby's fight with a rare form of cancer, and her harrowing escape from an abusive marriage.  

Emily could have given up — she almost did. However, an idea thrown out by a friend planted a seed that changed everything. 

At 39 (and a half) years old, Emily started a new business venture that has provided her with the freedom to live the life she always deserved.  

Emily Britton-Arnold is the CEO of Authentic Blend Consulting, an online business management firm, and Mio Creativo, a coworking space. She also coaches women business owners at Punk Rock CEO. 

Press play now to discover how she came through and set up her dream business on today's episode of The Adverse Effect. You may even be inspired to begin your own. 

“If you look at me on paper from the time I was born ‘til the time I was 39 and a half, nothing said I should be a successful entrepreneur but it was there.” — Emily Britton-Arnold 

“Wherever you find yourself today doesn’t have to be where you find yourself tomorrow —  it’s all up to you.” — Emily Britton-Arnold 

Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Living with a parent’s addiction 
  • The struggles of married life and child sickness 
  • Trusting her gut  
  • Finding her talent and building on it  

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