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The Adverse Effect

Dec 8, 2020

Trigger warning: Discussions of drugs, sexual abuse, and suicide. 

What does courage mean to you? On today’s The Adverse Effect, we talk to Nate Gladdin as we explore manhood and courage through our guest’s extraordinary life. 

Nate’s teenage years could have taken a tragic turn, had it not been for the tenacious determination of his mother to set him on the right path. 

You see, Nate had turned to drugs and gangs to cover up a secret he had been hiding.   

Later in life, he joined the Air Force, but upon returning from deployment Nate was met with some devastating news. This was the catalyst that opened Pandora’s box, a box that contained memories of childhood sexual abuse, an abusive father, and child abduction. 

Nate had kept his demons buried for all these years; this time he had no option but to face them head-on.   

This was followed by several failed attempted suicides. On his final attempt, he had a plan, however, someone came along and changed everything.  

Listen to the end as this episode comes with a life-changing growth assignment — all you need is an audio recorder. 

Moving to the present day, Nate has remodeled his entire life. He is striving, while still serving, to bring up the seriousness of men's mental health and the importance of doing more than just inheriting one's manhood. 

“A lot of people assume that people commit suicide in the military because of the things they’ve seen” — Nate Gladdin 

“You get to craft the man you want to be” — Nate Gladdin 


Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Military life  
  • Investigating the meaning of courage 
  • Devastating revelations 
  • Abuse of power  
  • Growth assignment 

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