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The Adverse Effect

Nov 17, 2020

What do you do when you have a passion to help your community but don’t know where to start? 

On today’s The Adverse Effect, we talk to Shiv'on Monique who, with partner Anneka Maquay, created the Show Me Shoes Foundation, helping young black women reach their full potential.   

What started off as a small community prom dress and shoe drive has turned into a nationwide success serving over 3,000+ young girls and women in chapters that include Atlanta, GA, Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, IL, Jacksonville, FL, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA and the founders’ hometown of Kansas City, MO. 

Listen as Shiv'on details how a major disappointing twist of fate prompted her to inspire so many young women’s lives. 

You’ll hear about the highs, the lows, and the adversities they faced and the drive and tenacity they used to conquer them. 

Want to learn more about Show Me Shoes and how you can donate to this incredible cause? Check out Donate to Show Me Shoes. 


“When you don’t get outside of your bubble, you think the world is one way.” — Shiv'on Monique 

“You have to really love and be really passionate about what you’re doing to stick with it.” — Shiv'on Monique 

“We want to be that organization where people can say...Show Me Shoes helped me build my confidence...” — Shiv'on Monique 

Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Beginnings of the Proms Project  
  • Discussing some of the adversity and challenges faced 
  • Honoring women in the community with Moguls in Heels  
  • Vegan journey  
  • Long-term goals for Show Me Shoes  

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