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The Adverse Effect

Jul 28, 2020

How often do we take our health for granted?

On today’s episode of The Adverse Effect, we talk to writer, public speaker and soon to be self-published author Kawan Glover. 

Kawan was at a great place in life — he had the girl, the grades, sports acumen, and a drive to succeed. 

It was on his usual drive to the office in the Spring of 2014, that Kawan unexpectedly experienced the first signs that would dramatically reshape his future forever.

This was just the beginning of his long journey that involved a stroke, various brain surgeries, depression, guilt, drug addiction, and most tragically   — attempted suicide.

Despite these incredible hardships, Kawan went on to launch his own company called Overcome Adversity. He uses his life-changing experiences to reach out and help others. He is also the author of the inspiring and life-affirming memoir, “Favor: How Stroke Struggle and Surgery Helped Find My Life’s Purpose”. 

Tune in now to discover the tools and advice Kawan has picked up along his journey which have allowed him to keep on pushing through challenges and face his adversity head-on.


“Everything had lost its flavor and color ...I had lost hope.” — Kawan Glover

“No matter the adversity, no matter what you’re facing, what the obstacles are... there is a shining light and there is a way to overcome.” — Kawan Glover

“Sometimes you have to cry to let the light in.” — Kawan Glover

“You won’t value the light if you don’t understand the dark.”  — Kawan Glover

Today on The Adverse Effect:

  • Kawan - the early years
  • The beginning of his symptoms 
  • Kawan discusses the dark spaces he found himself in 
  • Advice to get through challenges

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