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The Adverse Effect

Dec 24, 2019

Have you ever heard of the 7/11 rule?  

In today’s episode of The Adverse Effect, we talk to PK Kersey, President and founder of That Suits You. 

When, at the age of 22, PK needed to attend a job interview, his pastor stepped in and brought him a suit. This very act of kindness was a pinnacle moment not only did this fan the flames of confidence and secure him the role, it inspired PK to encourage this sense of confidence in others. 

That Suits You is an organization providing men with professional attire to help them get back to work. The organization also does the same for high school seniors for prom and graduation. However, attire is only part of their vision. That Suits You also offers workshops and training concerning the importance of image and manhood as well as thinking beyond the norm of one’s abilities and expectations. Since its inception, the organization has helped 8,300 individuals. 

“In the first 7 seconds of meeting people, they generally form 11 judgements about you.” — PK Kersey  

Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Background  
  • Beginnings of That Suits You  
  • Thinking beyond the norm  
  • Working with high school juniors and prom 


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