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The Adverse Effect

Dec 3, 2019

Warning: Discussion of child sexual abuse/ violence. 

Imagine reflecting on your childhood and recognizing that your identity crisis began when you were five years old. But then nothing in Sharon’s childhood was ‘normal’.  

On today’s The Adverse Effect, we talk to the founder of Launch Your Creativity, host of Living a Limitless Life Podcast and certified Identity Coach Sharon Hughes.  

Sharon narrates her account of growing up in a sexually abusive household and how she has been marred by some form of abuse for most of her life right up to her diagnosis with PTSD as an adult. 

It was not until Sharon let go of her past that she was able to step away from those dysfunctional patterns that drove her life’s story. She was able to see that she could choose better patterns for her life and, in turn, shape her own destiny.  

Listen in to hear how Sharon was able to take back her life after dealing with years of parental neglect, abuse and abusive relationships.  


“When you get to that point when you don’t want to live anymore, that is a huge sign that you need to get help.” — Sharon Hughes


Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Sharon gives her harrowing account of abuse. 
  • How dysfunction can become our “normal”.  
  • Why telling someone your story is key to beginning your journey to recovery.  
  • Discovering your core values.  
  • The importance of a good coach/counselor. 
  • Equality between men and women. 

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