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The Adverse Effect

Oct 22, 2019

It can seem challenging to counter the fast-paced world that is life. Changing your “normal” to find balance, and the confidence to make positive lifestyle choices, mentally, physically and emotionally, can seem daunting. 

In today’s episode, we meet New-York born, Miami-based Jasmin Terrany. Holding two master’s degrees from Columbia University, she is the inventor of Life Therapy™, a combination of psychotherapy and coaching plus mindfulness and meditation with Eastern spiritual practices. 

Join Ken and Jasmin as they take the audience through the inner and outer space of meditation, the seemly dwindling art of communication and tips for singles on finding the right partner for you.  

“Meditation is simply taking a moment to pause from your life and to look within.”— Jasmin Terrany 

Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Jasmin gives some insight into her background. 
  • Discover some great lessons on meditation.  
  • Learn the 5 fundamental connections you can make with a potential partner. 
  • Tips and advice on how to move from single life to a relationship. 

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