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The Adverse Effect

Sep 17, 2019

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar international industry. The State Department estimates there are 30 million people living in slavery or slave-type conditions across the world. 

In today’s hard-hitting episode of The Adverse Effect, we speak to Nancy Hartwell, an internationally recognized authority on human trafficking and the twenty-first-century slave trade. She has carried out 719 radio and TV interviews in 30 countries trying to educate people about this harrowing subject and has written a series of three "faction" books featuring the victims of this crime. 

This mouth-dropping episode is an education into the mafia factions behind this highly organized industry. 

With eye-opening accounts, Nancy gives details of just how widespread trafficking is, both domestically and internationally. Listen to some shocking revelations of states that serve as trafficking headquarters. 

This is an important episode showing some of the predatory techniques used to entrap vulnerable people and useful tips on how to safeguard your family against internet crime and exploitation. 


“After illegal drugs, human trafficking is the biggest criminal enterprise on the planet.” Nancy Hartwell 


Today on The Adverse Effect: 

Nancy details the organizations behind trafficking including who they target and how they operate. 

Listen to what is being done to tackle trafficking. 


Hear about Nancy's book, Harem Slave, which reached number 7 on Amazon.  

Nancy describes techniques that predators use and key ways to safeguard your family. 

What you can do to help? 

 Resources Mentioned: 

Harem Slave - by Nancy Hartwell  

Prince Ibrahim’s Harem 

Voices from the Harem 

Connect with Nancy Hartwell: 

Nancy Hartwell’s website 


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