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The Adverse Effect

Sep 10, 2019

Navigating the minefield of parenting throws up its daily challenges, but what if your children are blind ... and you are too?  

In today's episode, Ken Cheadle explores the world of Ashley Wayne, a wife, mother and writer who happens to be totally blind. She and her sighted husband are raising two internationally adopted blind children and are in the middle of their third international adoption 

Born in Florida but now living in Utah, ocean-loving Ashley recalls the anguish her parents faced with her early arrival — followed by the heartbreaking revelation that in the three months after coming home from the neonatal intensive care unit she had become blind. 

Ken delves into Ashley’s school days, from attending a public high school to the not-so-smooth introduction of her now husband.   

Intrigued? Join Ken and guest Ashley Wayne as they discuss overcoming the processes of international adoption, caring for children with special needs and how to treat someone who may be blind at … The Adverse Effect. 


“Asking for help does not make you weak or less of a person, it just makes you human.” — Ashley Wayne 


Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Learn how Ashley’s parents dealt with her early arrival and the discovery that their beloved new baby had become blind. 


  • Hear how Ashley negotiated her school years.  


  • Discover her battle through the international adoption process while also dealing with discrimination. 


  • Find out about the challenges and the beauty of living with children with special needs.  


  • Listen to Ashley share techniques on how to avoid the victim mentality and some useful tips on how to speak to someone else who is blind. 

Connect with Ashley Wayne: 


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