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The Adverse Effect

Sep 3, 2019

Do you have a dream to be the founder of a Fortune 100 company, or develop an organization so successful that it is acquired by one?  

If so, today’s guest has some great advice for you. 

In this episode, Bryan Shannon recounts his personal journey from the perils of inner-city life to his current status as Managing Director of ORDP powered by TicketRX .  

As the eldest of 5 — growing up in inner-city St. Louis — life for Shannon wasn’t easy. But with a burning desire to achieve and be a shining example for the rest of his siblings, he fought hard to stay on the right path. 

With his aunt as a point of reference for how to succeed in life, he thought his only hope was to become a doctor. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with one of his mother’s Black Enterprise magazines that his true calling presented itself… as a business owner! 

With a growing family and a lucrative career, Shannon lost sight of his goals, until one day, on the search for a document, a chance find brought him right back to his old dream.  

What Shannon didn’t know was that the most exciting journey of all was about to begin.  


“It basically went from an idea on the back of a napkin to something that got acquired by a Fortune publicly-traded company...” — Bryan Shannon 


Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Hear about life growing up in the inner-city. 


  • Shannon discusses college life and his successful career. 


  • Hear about the accidental rediscovery of his old business plan for TicketRX. 


  • Find out about the steps he used to bring his startup business concept to life. 


  • Listen to where TicketRX is now. 


  • Shannon’s advice on how to maximise the process of being “acquired” as a business. 


  • Hear some great tips for the right mindset. 

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