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The Adverse Effect

Feb 28, 2019

The Conversation: In this episode, comedian Terence Berger shared his story about breaking free on insecurities and defense mechanisms through therapy to become more comfortable with himself and his craft. He also shared hilarious stories with Ken about his growing up in Kansas City, college, and the process of figuring himself out.

Here’s what Terence shared in his conversation with Ken:

  • Understanding external vs internal locus of control- - and why this is so important to success
  • How he met a half brother one year after he started college 
  • How he learned, at an early age to use his imagination to carry him through tough times
  • The power of therapy to help you find and confront insecurities in your life
  • Developing confidence and skills during hard times 

Memorable Quote: “Respect the space between sowing and harvest.”

The Homework: Take some time today to do these three simple things:

  1. Watch one of Terence’s videos (“Additional Resources”) and try not to laugh
  2. List one strategy you used to defeat a fear in your life.
  3. Write down one funny moment in your life. (If you’re in a sharing mood, share it with a friend)

About Our Guest: Terence Berger is a comedian, actor and creative, who leverages humor to help others appreciate the good times and persevere through the adverse times. His upcoming comedy special, “Childlike”, delves into his childhood as a sibling growing up with 7 other siblings in Kansas City.  



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