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The Adverse Effect

Feb 7, 2019

Welcome to The Adverse Effect with your host Ken Cheadle. Today Robert Cassell will be joining us. He was in a documentary call Divided By Diversity, a documentary about five young men from the Bronx who face community resistance and racism after joining a high school basketball team. We’ll be discussing his journey, how he got to where he is today as it relates to the topic of diversity on this episode of The Adverse Effect. 

Robert was born and raised in the Bronx in New York, where he grew up with his mom in the Projects surrounded by drugs and violence. He now lives in Vermont. Growing up, Robert had older brothers that helped show him who he did and didn’t want to be. Robert always loved playing ball and really wanted to be good. He was fast, strong and had a crazy work ethic. 

Learn more about Robert’s story, the importance of positive role models, how to Triumph over Racism and becoming the CEO of your life during this podcast episode. 

On This Episode: 

  • Where Robert is from and his upbringing
  • Robert’s experience seeing a blood trail 
  • Some experiences aren’t worth experiencing
  • The threat is the structure
  • Positive role models
  • Living the life you want instead of accepting the life you have
  • Robert’s move to Vermont to play basketball
  • Dealing with emotions in order to not react
  • What happened after the state championship win
  • Advice for getting through something like Robert’s situation
  • Being the CEO of your life


Divided by Diversity

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