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The Adverse Effect

Dec 20, 2018

Ken is joined by Jay Thornton, Founder of The Hubris Company for an incredible, perspective shifting conversation.

Jay has an outlook on adversity that has been shaped by his many unique experiences. Growing up he moved around a lot, going to four different high schools. Focusing on basketball earned him a full college schoarlship, where he suffered a major injury.

After a long recovery he played professional basketball overseas, again his season was cut short and he came back unsure of what he wanted.

He then found himself homeless, where he gained a new perspective to which he built the foundation of his future on.

The next step into that future was to spend four years in the United States Air Force.

After leaving the Air Force Jay Founded The Hubris Company. A hand-made and 100% chemical-free line of hair and skin care products for men and women. 



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