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The Adverse Effect

Sep 24, 2019

Being a burn survivor has many challenges: many people see the physical scars, however, there are also mental and emotional scars, which can be even more difficult to accept. Shawn Simmons was an inner-city youth from Newark, New Jersey who, despite violence, drugs and bad influences in his neighborhood, used...

Sep 17, 2019

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar international industry. The State Department estimates there are 30 million people living in slavery or slave-type conditions across the world. 

In today’s hard-hitting episode of The Adverse Effect, we speak to Nancy Hartwell, an internationally recognized authority on...

Sep 10, 2019

Navigating the minefield of parenting throws up its daily challenges, but what if your children are blind ... and you are too?  

In today's episode, Ken Cheadle explores the world of Ashley Wayne, a wife, mother and writer who happens to be totally blind. She and her sighted husband are raising two internationally...

Remember, Release, & Recycle: Breaking up with Your Baggage to Find Freedom

Sep 6, 2019

In a previous episode of The Adverse Effect, Ken talked with Joshua Proby about breaking free of obstacles and negative thinking that keeps us trapped.

Joshua has a unique perspective on this because he served 12 years in prison.

Yet, the startling insight that Joshua shared is: Most people who are in prison aren’t...

Sep 3, 2019

Do you have a dream to be the founder of a Fortune 100 company, or develop an organization so successful that it is acquired by one?  

If so, today’s guest has some great advice for you. 

In this episode, Bryan Shannon recounts his personal journey from the perils of inner-city life to his current status as...