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The Adverse Effect

Dec 27, 2018

Come along for the ride as Curd details how he felt lost as young adult, how he got started in the fitness industry, built 5 Sport Supplement store locations - only to have the business implode.

Curd tells us how he was 400lbs, battling Alcoholism, and how he made a dramatic shift in his life and begun to rebuild on a...

Dec 20, 2018

Ken is joined by Jay Thornton, Founder of The Hubris Company for an incredible, perspective shifting conversation.

Jay has an outlook on adversity that has been shaped by his many unique experiences. Growing up he moved around a lot, going to four different high schools. Focusing on basketball earned him a full college...

Dec 13, 2018

On this episode Ken and Dr. Connor discuss communication and conflict resolution in relationships, dealing with depression, anxiety and misdiagnosis, the importance of shifting your perspective to see a more positive outlook when you interact with others and when you face adversity. 

Is your focus directed where it...

Dec 6, 2018

On this episode Ken is joined by Rennie Curran, Keynote Speaker, Author, Personal Development Coach and Former NFL Athlete.

Rennie shares his incredible story of the adversities he faced and the mindset and work ethic he used to always continue moving forward toward his goal.  

ken and Rennie discuss Leadership, the...

Nov 8, 2018

Eze Redwood joins Ken to discuss overcoming career adversity by improving your networking abilities. Like athletes prepare for a game, Eze shares stories of how he started, how he built a game plan for successful networking and how you can do the same.

Eze Redwoood is the Founder of RiseFast, Innovation...