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The Adverse Effect

Nov 26, 2019

Having the best start in life doesn’t always keep you from making the wrong choices. 

On today's The Adverse Effect we talk business, work-life balance, relationships and piloting with Tony Stricklin.  

With a love for high speed and a never-ending drive to strive for his family, Tony talks us through his journey in becoming the owner of a successful barbershop 

Tony will also talk about how he gives back to his community in his role as an associate pastor, providing mentorship to black men and giving children the opportunity to reach for the skies - literally. 

Listen in to learn more.  

“I wanted to be able to control my own destiny.” — Tony Stricklin  

Today on The Adverse Effect: 


  • Tony provides insights into his background and growing up. 


  • Listen to the importance of cultivating the right mindset that leads to achievement. 


  • Discover some great tips on growing a business. 


  • Tony shares his tips on navigating relationships and seeking guidance. 


  • Find out about Tony’s ultimate passions.  


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