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The Adverse Effect

Nov 12, 2019

There is something quite unique about the entrepreneurial spirit: it is the ability to keep striving even if all is lost.  

In today’s The Adverse Effect, we talk to Myron McCant who had it all — family, business, cars, house — until one day, when it all came crashing down. 

Learn how Myron made it back from having to live in his brother’s basement to founding, with his wife Penny, the first 24-hour childcare facility in Kansas City — Kiddie Depot1.  

But this is not where the story ends. With 400 children on the waiting list, Myron and Penny have since begun the new journey to opening Kiddie Depot Learning Center. Doubling as the site of a pediatric clinic, it will provide a space for parents to conveniently access routine check-ups and urgent care needs for their children.  


“I have to keep telling myself, there’s a lot of people depending on you and so that dull ax will knock the tree down if you continue chopping.”— Myron McCant. 


Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Myron discusses his early years growing up and his career. 
  • Hear how he went from the good life to losing it all. 
  • Myron talks about the struggles he had to face and overcome in order to survive.  
  • Discover how Myron cultivated the appropriate mindset and the tools he used. 
  • Learn about Myron’s and Penny’s new project.  


Connect with Myron McCant: 


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