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The Adverse Effect

Nov 5, 2019

Gina realized her self-worth when she became a teacher at 21, becoming the youngest Head Teacher at the largest school in her district. However, a terrifying fall on a ski trip left Gina with what she thought was only a concussion; she did not know that her injuries were far more serious and would require the use of a wheelchair, in some capacity, throughout her life. 

On today’s The Adverse Effect, we will hear how Gina tackled challenges in her new role as Head Teacher while navigating her new life as a wheelchair user. 

Learn how Gina reinvented herself after leaving her position as Head Teacher to become a no. 1 bestselling author and motivational speaker; empowering leaders and their teams to work smarter and think strategically. 


“It’s not the challenge that defines us, it’s what we do with that challenge, it’s how we approach it.” — Gina Gardiner 

Today on The Adverse Effect: 

  • Discussing the parallels between the UK and the US. 
  • Discrimination in the working environment. 
  • Learning to reinvent yourself and harness opportunities. 
  • Gina discusses her membership group and development program. 
  • Gina takes us through the 5 important pathways. 
  • Discover Gina’s Happiness Challenge — a tool to get back to a happier place. 


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