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The Adverse Effect

Oct 8, 2019

“If I have a goal, I start from the bottom line.” 

  • Micah Thomas Jr., IFBB pro bodybuilder, mechanical engineer, athlete, father, and goal crusher 


The Conversation: Moving Forward 1% Each Day  


In this episode, we talk with the multi-talented Micah Thomas Jr. Besides being a personal friend of Kenneth, Micah has experienced an amazing career that evolved from athlete to pro bodybuilder to mechanical engineer to future Mr. Olympian. 


Micah shares how he developed the mindset that allowed him to chase down any dream in his path. He shares how his childhood prepared him to show up ready for adversity and how failure taught him to move through insecurities and setbacks.  


Find out why Micah says faith and moving the needle 1% in your goals is the key to conquering your dreams faster than ever. 



  • Growing up with a father with a no-quit attitude 
  • The impact of losing your mother at a pivotal age  
  • Why you shouldn’t be in competitive mode ALL the time 
  • Living a busy life with the right focus and intensity 
  • Why your goal should be YOUR goal, not someone else's 
  • Why you need a standard to keep track of your goals 
  • Moving forward when you don’t feel like you’re moving at all 
  • Why you shouldn't flip flop on your goals...but you should adapt your strategy 
  • The process of achieving your goals...when most people are stuck chasing dreams 
  • Tapping into your faith to fuel your dreams 


Other Quotes: 

“We would practice before practice.” 


“I’ve always been enamored of being an anomaly.”.  


“I love people telling me what I can’t do.” 


“You gotta love the process.” 


“From a very young age, I already knew what I wanted to be.” 


“Sometimes in order to get better, you gotta get worse.” 


“We can learn anything from even the worst person.” 


The Homework: Take less than twenty minutes to reprogram your mind in these 4 steps: 


  1. 5 minutes: Write down one goal that you have never achieved. 
  2. 5 minutes: For the goal you listed, write down every excuse or obstacle that stood in your way. 
  3. 5 minutes: Read these excuses and obstacles out loud to yourself. Notice how you feel while reading them. 
  4. 5 minutes: Take one of the obstacles or excuses from your list and commit to a minimum of 5 minutes tomorrow proving that excuse wrong. If you’re comfortable, share your excuse (and your victory) with the hashtag: #Workingtheprocess 


About Our Guest: 

Micah Thomas, Jr. is an athlete turned IFBB pro bodybuilder, mechanical engineer,  and father who also holds an MBA.