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The Adverse Effect

May 9, 2019

The Conversation: Nikita Graves talks with Ken about living a multi-layered life with discussions about creativity, anxiety, and entrepreneurship. Nikita shares her journey through creativity, anxiety, and entrepreneurship while living a constantly upward-moving and expanding life.


Insights: Here’s what Nikita shared:

  • Balancing transparency with privacy: How to share personal information without giving away your secrets
  • Pursuing your creativity: Following your creativity
  • Dealing with anxiety as a performer and in everyday life
  • Encouraging creativity in children and in community
  • Balancing work, art, and business in a multi-layered life


Memorable Quote: “I’ve always had a love for the arts and expressing me, even when I didn’t know I was doing so....”


The Homework: Take some time today to do at least three things:

  1. Write down everything you feel that you have to do today.
  2. Beside everything on your list, write down the role that the activity requires for. For example if one of your tasks is to “Pick up kids from school”. That role would be “Parent”.
  3. Review your list and remove any activity without an important role.


About Our Guest: Nikita Graves is a creative who has works in various creative spaces including singing, writing, painter, mompreneur, nurse, mental health advocate, and blogger as a person with a multi-layered lifestyle.


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