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The Adverse Effect

May 2, 2019

The Conversation: In this episode, we talk with Reggie Calhoun Jr. about his experiences as a college student athlete (the good and the bad) and how those experiences led him to develop an innovative program aimed to help college athlete evolve beyond sports. Reggie how his experiences in the military, college, and beyond helped him reach the point where he can now mentor others.


Insights: Here’s what Reggie shared:

  • Why his non-traditional upbringing as a kid in a military family prepared him to adapt to the confusion of college
  • How he learned to navigate the maze of being a college student athlete
  • Why college athletes need to control the game while they’re in college and expand their options when they are out in the real world
  • Reggie’s vision for a more empowered student athlete


Memorable Quote: “Our saying here is ‘The platform is sports. The project is life.”


The Homework:  Take at least 15 minutes today to do four simple things

  1. Name one thing that you achieved in the past that you once considered impossible.
  2. Find some inspirational music and begin playing for at least the next 5 minutes
  3. While the music is playing, close your eyes and mentally walk through the moments you achieved something impossible
  4. Now, open your eyes. Think about anew problem that you consider impossible right now.. Free write for the next 5 minutes about ways you can conquer that impossible dream.


About Our Guest

Reggie W Calhoun Jr. is a former college student athlete who turned his experience into a movement. He is the founder of RPA College and The Rezolution Conglomerate who also worked as a combat engineer in the Army National Guard 



Reggie Calhoun Jr. on LinkedIn

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