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The Adverse Effect

Apr 18, 2019

The Conversation: In this episode, we get introduced to the life-transforming journey of Tekisha Harvey, a burnt-out marketing professional who took a leap of faith out of the office to manifest her dreams. Tekisha Harvey shares the financial, and emotional steps she took to arrive at life of travel, high-value consulting, and living on her own terms.


Insights: Here’s what Tekisha shared:


  • Dealing with the “itch”, the vague  feeling that you have more in store than you currently see
  • The steps Tekisha took to maintain financial discipline and reach a large savings goal 
  • How to build your own entrepreneurial journey, whether you’re starting a business or side hustle
  • The power of networking to achieve your vision
  • Learning to define success on your own terms


Memorable Quote: “My definition of success is no longer the things. It is “Do I feel like I’m growing or expanding, yes or naw?’.”


The Homework: Take some time today to 3 these three simple things:

  1. Imagine that you had to create a vision board within 5 minutes. Name at least 3 items that you would put on that board.
  2. Spend 5 writing down all of the excuses or obstacles that would get in your way.
  3. Now destroy the paper you wrote the excuses on. Find one way to get closer to something on your vision board (even if it’s just researching the ideas for 5 minutes on Google).


About Our Guest: Tekisha Harvey is a marketing professional and brand consultant with experience for some of the top Fortune 500 Companies including Macy’s, ConAgra, and Coach. who left the corporate world to design her own happiness on her terms. In addition to working as a consulting on her own projects, she is the Marketing & Strategy Lead of AClara Research, an organization providing insights into the cannabis and hemp industry.



Tekisha Harvey’s website

Tekisha Harvey on LinkedIn

Tekisha Harvey on Instagram


Additional Info

AClara Research

How to Make a Vision Board (via Jack Canfield)


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