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The Adverse Effect

Apr 11, 2019

The Conversation: In this episode, Joshua Proby shares his story about overcoming abuse, 12 years of prison, and the baggages from his past to become a mentor passionate about helping others turn their life’s pain into a blessing. Joshua shares his story, his struggle, and the wisdom he gained from everything he went through-an abusive household, prison, Atlanta, and writing a book.



  • The negative cycle of pain and abuse that led Josh into 12 years of prison 
  • Why Joshua Proby says the pain in our life’s story is key to transformation
  • The advice that Joshua Proby would give to a 18-year old self
  • Moving forward when you have baggage
  • The advice that Joshua Proby would give to a 34-year old

Memorable Quote: “It wasn’t until I was sentenced to my time that I started to understand who I was.”


The Homework: Take a few minutes today to do one of the following:

  1. Write a letter to your 18-year old self.
  2. Write a letter to your 34-year old self.
  3. Write a letter to your 74-year old self.

As you write one of these letters, notice the emotions that come up. Do you feel hopeful or nervous, anxious, or regretful? Take a little time to reflect on what that means and what you can do now to change.


About Our Guest: Joshua Proby is an entrepreneur, minister, life coach, author, and motivational speaker who shows other people how to release the emotional baggage that keeps them trapped in negative cycles.



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