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The Adverse Effect

Apr 4, 2019

The Conversation: In this episode, Tiffany Southerland shares her journey, how she got to wear she is today as well as intriguing insights we can all learn from. We talk about everything from being your best self to determining your identity and so much more. 

Insights: Here’s what Tiffany shared:

  • We all have our own process
  • Our feelings are real but they aren’t always true
  • Our feelings can lead us away from the truth
  • The best people in this world are constantly improving and learning
  • Shedding expectations of the past to become the fullest version of yourself
  • What is your identity?
  • Acknowledging what is true for you what is not true for someone else
  • A fulfilling career starts with fulfilling lives
  • Starting with self-reflection 

Memorable Quote: “If I don’t seek to understand myself, how will I seek to understand other people?”

The Homework: Take some time today to do these three simple things:

  1. Get up close and personal with your emotions and experiences
  2. Sit still and ask yourself “What am I feeling?”, “Why am I feeling this?”
  3. Figure out who you can ask to help you figure out what you want to do next

About Our Guest: 

Tiffany Southerland is from Hempstead, Long Island. She now lives in Philadelphia and has been there since she finished her undergrad at Cornel University in social work. She completed grad school and started her career in Philadelphia as Lawyer. Eventually she realized that wasn’t fulfilling her and stepped out to pursue a different path. Tiffany is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has carried that with her throughout her journey. Learn more about Tiffany during this episode.


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