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The Adverse Effect

Mar 14, 2019

The Conversation: In this episode, two-time cancer survivor and therapist from Oregon, Dean Hall, shares his story of becoming the first person to swim two rivers, while battling leukemia and lymphoma. Dean shared how he moved through the pain and grief of his life to living every moment as a miracle.

Insights: Here’s what Dean shared in his conversation with Ken:

  • His experience of going through two diagnoses of cancer and losing his wife to one of the most aggressive form of brain cancer in a few weeks
  • Dealing with grief from the inside vs helping others with grief 
  • The two moments that set him on a new purpose in his life
  • How he powered through his obstacles to achieve an unheard-of dream

Memorable Quote: “Extraordinary becomes possible when you make it impossible to remain ordinary.” Dean Hall

The Homework: Take some time today to do these three simple things:

  1. Name three miracles (big or small that happened in your life today.
  2. Take 15 minutes to write about that one dream that you’ve had in your life.
  3. Find one way to make some aspect of the dream you listed above a reality by 11:59 tomorrow

About Our Guest: 

Dean Hal is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, 2x cancer survivor, success coach, and motivational speaker who was the first person in history to swim the full length of the Willamette (184 miles) in Oregon and the River Shannon (150 miles) in Ireland as an active cancer patient. Currently, he is a cancer-free man who is inspiring others and preparing for his next life adventure.


Follow Dean on Instagram: @swimminginmiracles

Swimming in Miracles Foundation website

Swimming in Miracles Foundation Facebook Page

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Additional Info

A Girl's Guide to Psychos, Players, Punks and Pervs: How to Become the Ultimate Guy Detector (Dean’s previous book)


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